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The Latest Addition to an Expanded Range of Force USA  All-In-One Functional Trainers

If you are a Personal trainer and or home gym owner wanting to invest in a Force USA All-In-One Trainer then you have just been given more choices!  Like the Force USA G20, Force USA G12 and Force USA G6 the brand new Force USA F100 All-In-One Trainer offers popular Force USA features recombined into a unique Functional Trainer offering.

The Force USA F100 combines a 1: Cable Ratio Functional Trainer with 100kgs Weight Stacks,  Smith Machine, Power Rack, Dip Station, Core Trainer and Chin Bar.


  • You want a Functional Trainer 1:1 Cable Ratio with 100 kgs Weight Stacks
  • You need light commercial quality and are prepared to pay a bit more than a standard home gym.
  • You don’t require the Leg Press, Band Pegs or Counter Balancing.
  • You Love the Force USA G12 and Force USA G6, but want to spend a bit less


Assembled – 210cm (width of smith) x 175cm (depth) x 232 cm (Height)

Tube Sizing 

50mm x 50mm x 2.5mm


  • 1:1 Cable ratio 2000lb Aircraft
  • 2 x 100kg Weight Stacks
  • Low Row footplate attachment
  • Exercise Chart
  • Smith Machine – Max loading 200kg
  • 6 Olympic weight plate holders
  • Olympic Barbell Included
  • 19 locking locations for cable machine
  • 350kg User capacity Multi Grip Chin Up Bar
  • Light commercial studio Use


  • Olympic Barbell
  • Front Safeties
  • Jhooks
  • Tricep Rope
  • Lat Pulldown Bar
  • Adjustable nylon D handles
  • Landmine Attachment
  • Dip Handles
  • Bicep Tricep pushdown bar
  • Single Ankle Strap
  • 8 Link Chain set
  • Foam Knee support.

User Benefits

  • Iso Lateral plate loading with dual plate holders each side.
  • Non Counterbalanced Smith Machine

* Weight Plates Sold Separately