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Sled brake with 8 settings that simulates a sled-pushing experience
Parachute Brake with 11 settings
Sled and parachute brakes can be used individually or together
Adjustable harness offers easy entry and exit while allowing for a complete upper body range of movement
Space saving as the built in bar offers sled pushing and pulling
7-degree incline is ideal for building strength and explosiveness with proper form, whether the user is performing forward, lateral or reverse movements
Full perimeter handrails offer easy entry and exit and support during lateral movement
Low-inertia design offers true-to-life ground reaction force and quick deceleration, ideal for high-intensity interval training
Heavy-duty deck stands up to the most intense workout environments and accommodates larger users in rehabilitation environments
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The matrix S Drive Power Trainer is a unique product offered by Matrix Fitness. It is a self-powered commercial treadmill with a target training display. The console focuses on metrics which allows personalized targets for each individual’s own performance level. It is also wi-fi and Bluetooth enabled and is a touchscreen. The console pivots, which makes it easy for the coach to stand in front of the treadmill and view the athlete’s training information during a workout session. Trainers can focus on watts, speed, time, distance or heart rate (pair with a heart rate strap). The Matrix s Drive Power commercial treadmills have a sled brake with 8 magnetic settings that simulate real sled-pushes up to 122kg. The S Drive Treadmills also have Parachute brakes with 11 settings, providing the athlete with the real feel of parachute resistance training. Sled and parachute brakes work individually or they can be used at the same time to add variety to workout programs. The meticulous design offers a 7-degree incline to facilitate natural sprint mechanics while decreasing starting effort. There is also an adjustable harness that provides an upper body range of movement and refines the athletes form. These products are the perfect treadmills for gyms, as they have lubrication free, low-friction belts and the durable deck design withstands hard, powerful workout sessions. The low 17.8 cm step on height makes the S Drive a popular choice for rehab facilities, as it is easy to access. The S Drive is great for enhancing athletic performance as well as agility. Athletes can perform forward, lateral or backward movements on the commercial treadmills. The S Drive Power Treadmills include a Target Training Console that makes it easy for athletes to train with precise metric tracking. Please note that the S Drive power needs to be plugged in, in order for the console to work. There is an option available that is completely self-powered and does not include a console. Please speak to a Matrix sales executive about the two different units available or download the two specifications sheets here: S Drive without Console or S-Drive Power Sell Sheet

The Self powered S Drive Treadmill is one of the unique gym products sold by Matrix Fitness. We also offer delivery and installation of products as well as a comprehensive service and maintenance plan.

The S Drive Performance Trainer is a self powered treadmill, this means that there is no motor that turns the treadmill belt. Instead the user gets onto the treadmill and starts running as he/she controls their own speed.

The S Drive Self powered treadmill is unique because it has sled push and resistance capabilities combined with the self powered belt. This is ideal for athletes focusing on explosive performance and offers the coach the option to stand next to the treadmill and see the athletes form as well as training information.

The SDrive is ideal for an athletic facility to enhance athletic performance of their athletes. A benefit of the S Drive commercial treadmill is that it is space saving, as athletes can do sled pushes, sprints and resistant parachute training on the commercial treadmills and don’t require a large open area. It also enables the trainers or coaches to stand next to the athlete whilst they are training and view their training information in real time. Group Training facilities benefit from S Drive Commercial Treadmills, as it is a great supplement in between weight training and members control their own speed.

Our uniquely designed self-powered treadmill includes a sturdy, built-in bar that simulates sled pushing and pulling without needing the space to use a traditional sled. Multiple sled brake settings help coaches and trainers develop precise progression programs to maximize results.

The S-Drive self-powered treadmill has an intuitive, effortlessly adjustable harness that allows for a complete upper-body range of movement. Its unique design helps users refine form while coaches observe multiple sprint phases, adjust resistance and provide real-time feedback.

A parachute brake with multiple settings gives users the feel of real parachute resistance, perfect for resisted sprint drills without extra gear or access to a large track or field.

The S-Drive self-powered treadmill has a 7-degree incline and natural ground reaction force that is ideal for building strength and explosiveness in sprint training without changing the athlete’s natural gait.

Athletes can perform forward, lateral or reverse movements to maximize neuromuscular development and enhance agility. Full-length handrails on the treadmill offer stability as users switch rapidly from one phase of athletic movement to the next.



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