Active Lifestyle offers an effective turnkey solution which will accommodate any business model to render impressive results. Regular attendance at a corporate wellness facility is directly proportionate to the manner in which it is managed and its inclusion of staff with relevant expertise. At Active Lifestyle, we want each member to have a pleasant experience with us and reap the benefits of our highly qualified staff.

We have specific services on offer to ensure that all fitness and health bases are covered to promote a healthy workforce. Putting together an efficient health and wellness facility can be a daunting task, that is why we want to make this process as uncomplicated as possible. Active Life will even assist with setting up equipment and furniture for your facility.

We are implementing health and fitness interventions and programs that will change your life for the better. As part of proactively managing employees in the workplace – clients will now have access to a dedicated targeted health team consisting of a Biokineticist, Physiotherapist, Chiropractor , Reflexologist and a GP.

We shall administer corporate health and wellness days and even promote, manage gym memberships to bolster gym retention and foster physical activity. Quarterly wellness initiatives and events are also available on request. It should also be noted that we can even handle the account management, that includes collecting outstanding gym fees.

We specialize in all of the following markets.


A state of the art facility requires a state of the art design process and that is exactly what Active Lifestyle Solutions offers! We acknowledge that creating an effective and successful fitness centre is not a simple task and is often presented with a series of unique challenges. Our design solution takes that into account and we action accordingly.

Factors such as design and architecture principals, electrical, plumbing and lighting configurations, equipment size and footprint specifications and so on, are carefully considered to create a solution that is highly efficient for all parties concerned while saving you from any potential costly mistakes during the development process.

We utilize the most sophisticated software applications to ensure that your fitness environment renders its full potential. Our experience coupled with our superlative capabilities and resources enables us to fulfill your design needs to the nth degree. From maximizing space limitations for optimal functionality to reducing safety and liability issues – we got you covered.